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Manual Handling Tips Blog - February 2024

Manual Handling in Construction: Safety Tips

Manual handling in construction involves the lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling of materials and equipment by construction workers. Improper manual handling practices can lead to musculoskeletal injuries, strains, a…

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Construction Dust Safety - January 2024.

Construction sites are dynamic environments that are often filled with various hazards, one of which is construction dust. Dust particles are generated during construction activities such as cutting, drilling, and sanding materials like wood, concrete, and drywall…

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National Stress Awareness Day 2024.

Today marks National Stress Awareness Day which is a day dedicated to increasing public awareness and helping people to recognise, manage, and reduce stress in their personal and professional lives as well as the legal duties that employers have to mitigate stress…

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Scissor lift failure in motor vehicle repair facility.

This alert concerns short-bed scissor lifts manufactured by Texo, which may also be badged as Hofmann. It is issued following the catastrophic failure of a 10 year old machine used in a motor vehicle repair (MVR) facility. Although no one was injured, a failure of…

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Catastrophic rupture of dead-leg pipe-work.


Incident details

A recent failure on a UK refinery involved an 8" diameter vertical relief line, approximately 5m in length, which catastrophically failed during normal operation part way along its length, releasing approximately 75 tonnes of extremely …

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RPE Update.


New HSE research has revealed that respirators/masks which rely on ear loops (including those provided with clips, ‘snuggers’ or other means of tightening the fit of the mask) to hold the respirator/mask in place, do not protect people adequately when used a…

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Our Ten Steps Employees Can Take to Prevent Injuries at Work

Safety in the workplace is the responsibility of everyone, from senior management through to those in entry-level positions. While there’s no way to completely prevent injuries at work, there are steps that can be taken to minimise the likelihood of an accident.

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