Scissor lift failure in motor vehicle repair facility.

Scissor lift failure in motor vehicle repair facility.

This alert concerns short-bed scissor lifts manufactured by Texo, which may also be badged as Hofmann. It is issued following the catastrophic failure of a 10 year old machine used in a motor vehicle repair (MVR) facility. Although no one was injured, a failure of this type with an operator working below or nearby is potentially fatal.

The failed lift was labelled as Hofmann Genius PSC3 with a safe working load of 3 tonnes and is shown in photographs 1 and 2. A similar model is shown extended in photograph 3.  It had been maintained and subject to thorough examination and testing.

Examination of four identical lifts at the premises revealed similar cracks at the same position such as that shown in photograph 4.  Since the incident HSE has received a report from another premises of similar cracks on a Hofmann PSC3 scissor lift.

Action taken:

The original UK supplier of the lifts is no longer in business so it is difficult to trace all users. The current supplier, however, is aware of the failure and has notified both their existing customers and the manufacturer.  In addition, the Garage Equipment Association, GEA, have informed other lift-supply companies about the incident.

The bodies who represent organisations carrying out vehicle lift inspections, the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) and the Independent National Inspection and Testing Association (INITA), have informed their members.

Action required:

  • Texo-manufactured short-bed scissor lifts should be checked for cracks in the lifting arms. If cracks are found, immediately take the lift out of use and arrange for it to be re-examined by a competent person.
  • Do not use non-standard blocks for lifting the vehicle as this may place an excessive load on the lift.
  • Adhere to the manufacturers instructions not to allow users to be under, or in close proximity to, the lift during raising and lowering.
  • All scissor-lifts used for lifting vehicles in MVR should be thoroughly examined and tested by a competent person every six months.
  • Any failure of a vehicle lift or any load-bearing part must be reported to HSE as a Dangerous Occurrence under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995.


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