Gold Retainer Package - Please contact us on the below form

Gold Retainer Package - Please contact us on the below form

Our Gold Retainer package is our best health & safety package. 

This package is designed around exactly what you as a business need, which means no two are ever the same (hence why we quote for each customer).

This package can be used by any company and is designed to be flexible to support businesses both with internally appointed personnel and those businesses who need or want an appointed health & safety advisor, but simply don’t need one full time or don’t have the resources to pay a full time salary.

Firstly we would recommend meeting you and visiting your business location. If this cant be done then we arrange a video conference call and go through everything that way. CTS believe this is the most accurate ways that we can assess your business needs and requirements.

Our Gold Retainer Package includes:

  • 24/7 Telephone and email support
  • Assistance of the development of complete quality systems.(Verbal only unless otherwise agreed).
  • Development of supporting documents such as policies.
  • An annual health and safety systems audit( Usually £375).
  • Up to 20% discount off the preparation of policy documents etc.
  • 15% discount off in-house health and safety training for employees.
  • 1 free accident investigation report per year including full investigation and finalised report.
  • Assistance with PQQ's.
  • A number of consultancy days - agreed on at first meeting.
  • Certificate of our services being provided if required.
  • Legal updates applicable to your business / industry.
  • Plus more.....


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