General Information

General Information

Competence Training Solutions Ltd work with businesses and organisations to provide a health and safety retainer service which can be adapted to suit your business and needs.

CTS can provide different packages to suit the level of support you and your organisation require.

From just £60 per month our health and safety retainer service packages give businesses owners and employers confidence that they have the back-up they need.

What Is A Retainer?

HSS Health & Safety Services have developed a retainer scheme to help our clients to meet their requirements and help to save money. A retainer simply assists your company to meet certain obligations under health, safety, environmental & further associated legislation by providing group of services into one package.

Why Do I Need A Retainer?

As a legal duty under the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974, all employers have a duty to manage health & safety. It is therefore up to management to make sure that someone within the organisation is “Competent” to undertake the role of health & safety duties within the company.
We understand that small companies cannot afford to have a permanent full time health & safety representative employed and therefore this is the cost effective solution to overcoming this problem.


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